Celedonia Organ Service
Service FAQ
How much do you charge?
Service call rates are determined by zip code.  My office is in West View and rates increase as I have to travel further to you.  You can contact me with your zip code for your rate.
What does a service call include?
A service call includes traveling to your location and up to 1 hour of labor.  If it takes more than 1 hour each additional 1/2 hour of labor is $42.50.  Parts are not included.
What types of payment do you accept?
I accept Cash, Checks, Mastercard and VISA.
Do you guarantee your work?
Absolutely!  Labor is guaranteed for 90 days from the date of service.  Parts are guaranteed for 90 days unless they carry a longer manufacturer's warranty.  This will be stated on the service invoice.  On certain rebuilding jobs (for example a Vibrato Scanner rebuild), all parts and labor are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of service.
I had you service my instrument and two months later it has developed another problem.   Will I have to pay another service charge?
Yes.  Any work that I do is covered by my guarantee but it does not cover any unrelated problem that may develop in the future.  As a courtesy any service needed within 90 days of the original call is charged at the 1/2 hour additional rates.  This means if I have to return within 90 days and it takes me 1/2 hour or less to repair the problem you would only pay $42.50 plus the parts (if needed) and not the full service call rate.
How do I obtain warranty service for a new instrument?
To obtain warranty service you will need to provide proof of purchase which in most cases is a copy of your bill of sale.  This gives me proof that you are the original owner and the date of purchase.  Without this information I can not provide service because the manufacturer will not honor the claim.  If you can't find your bill of sale contact your dealer to have him provide you with another copy. 
Can you tell me how my instrument is worth?
This is one of the most asked questions I hear from people.  The answer is NO.  In the past I was able to give people the Blue Book value of their instrument but unfortunately that publication was discontinued back in 2000.  Even then it only gave a guideline since an instrument's value is determined by its condition and location.  The best thing to do is contact your dealer if he is still in business or check listings in your local paper.  If all else fails you may check eBay under "completed listings" to see if someone has successfully sold a model similar to yours and what they got for it.  Looking at current items up for bid means nothing since there is no guarantee that the seller will get anything near their asking price or that the winning bidder will pay for the item.
Do you buy instruments?
I am only interested in purchasing certain models of the Hammond organ.  It must either be in good condition where I would be able to rebuild it for resale or a popular model that could be salvaged for parts.  Have make and model number handy.
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